Aiping Tai Chi Center

Yang Style Tai Chi Beginner & Intermediate (In-Person)
with Shirley Chock

June 24 (Saturday)
at 9:00 am

Class length
60 minutes

Milford CT School: 49 Research Dr. (I-95 Exit 40)

Yang Style Tai Chi forms are slow paced and even, often thought of as moving meditation. Yang Style Tai Chi is the most popular Tai Chi style practiced around the world. 

This class will begin with will all levels doing warm ups, standing meditation and basic movements review.

Beginning students will then get individualized attention to learn the fundamentals and basic movements of Yang Style Tai Chi, taught by our experienced assistant instructors.

Intermediate students will work on the Ping Gate of Life 10 Form, the first form we teach students after they demonstrate proficiency in Tai Chi basic movements.  This form was created by Grandmaster Aiping Cheng taking 10 of the movements in the 24 Form, with each movement done once on each side.

After proficiency in the Ping Gate of Life 10 Form, students learn the 24 Form, the most popular Tai Chi form practiced around the world. 


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