Aiping Tai Chi Center

Online Workshop: Yi Jin Jing Tendon Changing Exercises
with Shirley Chock


May 21 (Sunday)
at 1:00 pm

Class length
120 minutes

The Yi Jin Jing Tendon Changing Exercises have a rich history, having been developed by Bodhidharma for the Shaolin Temple monks centuries ago. The monks were said to have been weak and sickly due to a lack of exercise, which prompted Bodhidharma to create a series of exercises to strengthen their bodies, including Yi Jin Jing. The exercises focus on stretching and strengthening the body's sinews, providing an efficient and effective routine that can serve as a strong foundation for pursuing martial arts and other physical activities.

The Yi Jin Jing routine we teach is from the Health Qigong System, which was created through a research collaboration between the Chinese Health Qigong Association, top sports universities, Qigong masters, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors. This ensures that the exercises are not only rooted in Chinese culture but also scientifically sound.

With 12 movements of varying degrees of difficulty, the Yi Jin Jing routine is accessible to people of all fitness levels. All the movements can be modified for people of all abilities. Regular practice can improve your flexibility, strength, and overall health. 

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