CTM Session 1: Exploring the Two Qi: Integrating Breath and Body Channels
with Tim Regan

October 3 (Tuesday)
at 7:00 am

Class length
90 minutes

Milford CT School: 49 Research Dr. (I-95 Exit 40)

CTM 1: Channel-based Therapeutic Movement Certificate (50 hrs)

Explore key pillars of Chinese medicine for health and well-being.  Simple, hands-on lessons integrate therapeutic exercise (Daoyin/Qigong), breathing (TuNa), qi circulation (Xingqi), self-massage (Anmo), and fingertip acupressure (Zhiya) to experience the deep structure of the body from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Session 1: Exploring the Two Qi: Integrating Breath and Body Channels
Experience the Chinese understanding of the body channels (meridians) as conduits of qi (movement and communication) in conjunction with the biomedical concept of fascial connections reaching from the limbs up through your head and torso. We also explore the breath as a source of movement, transformation, and health in conjunction with the respiratory diaphragm's action outward through the same fascial network.

The CTM 1 certificate includes 50 hours of instruction across 33 weeks, with dozens of specific exercises and treatment strategies within the context of traditional Chinese medicine as well as a personalized approach to the most popular health maintenance routines. In each class, emphasis is placed on perceiving, understanding, and guiding qi for specific therapeutic benefit. 

Certification Program Details
  ●  Sessions can also be enrolled out of series but will not count toward certification (which requires the full sequence in order).
  ●  Upon completion of all CTM 1 workshops, a 50-hour certificate will be issued.

Purchase Passes:
  • Full 50-hour 33 week certification course pass for $650. Purchase here.
  • 5 session / 15 week course discounted pass for $345. Purchase here.
  • 1 session / 3 week course pass for $75. Purchase here.
Beginners will gain:
  • Practical self-treatment strategies for your health and well-being
  • An experiential introduction to traditional Chinese medicine
  • Competency at teaching a variety of foundation exercises
Movement instructors will gain:
  • New exercises easily integrated into a variety of practices and classes
  • New body maps to help improve student performance and understanding
  • Simple strategies for adapting exercises to individual needs and challenges
Bodyworkers will gain:
  • Gentle range of motion and release techniques
  • Improved body mechanics and self-care to support your work
  • Integrated exercise recommendations for clients
Chinese medicine practitioners will gain:
  • Additional modalities that complement acupuncture and moxibustion
  • Seamless integration with TCM treatment principles
  • Practical embodiment of your understanding of qi, channels, and organs
Session 1: “Exploring the Two Qi: Integrating Breath and Body Channels"  (3 weeks)
Session 2: “Refreshing Your Lungs, Diaphragm, and Shoulders”  (3 weeks)
Session 3:  “Your Foot-Lumbar Pump as Wellspring ” (3 weeks)
Session 4:  “Securing Your Kidney Qi: Hormonal Balance and Aging”  (3 weeks)
Session 5:  “Freeing Your Spine and Alleviating Chronic Pain”  (3 weeks)
Session 6: “Easing Liver Qi and Your Stress Response”  (3 weeks)  
Session 7: “Digestion, Fatigue, and Muscle Health”  (3 weeks)
Session 8: “Settle your Spirit, Nourish Your Heart, and Invigorate Circulation"  (3 weeks)
Session 9: “Personalizing the Transforming Sinews Method (Muscle Changing Classic)"  (3 weeks)
Session 10: “Personalizing the Eight-piece Brocade”  (3 weeks)
Session 11: “Personalizing the Six Word Formula (Six Healing Sounds) and Developing New Routines”  (3 weeks)

About the Instructor:
Tim Regan, MA has been an instructor of Chinese therapeutic movement arts for over twenty years. He began practice in 1988 and has gone on to study both traditional and contemporary approaches to Tai Chi, Daoyin, Qigong, Xingyi and Bagua for both health promotion and self-defense. His longest tenure as a student has been with B.P. Chan and associated instructors Reggie Jackson, David Saltman, and Richard Satlow. Tim received his Masters in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College in 2006. He spent two years as a clinic assistant with Tom Bisio and was certified in Chinese bodywork through Zheng Gu Tui Na in 2009.

Tim heads the Movement and Respiration Studies curriculum for the University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute where he teaches both therapeutic Tai Chi and Qigong as well as Tuina bodywork. At UBAI, he has developed a practical, clinic-based Qigong method for acupuncture students to implement with their patients.


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